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I am currently a Mathematical Statistician at Defense Manpower Data Center, located in the Monterey Bay at 400 Gigling Rd, Seaside, CA 93955. I can be reached by email at Lihua.Yao.civ@mail.mil. If you did not hear from me after sending me an email in a few days, try some other way to contact me; the email might be blocked or undeliverable.

After four years of intensive training in mathematics at Northeast Normal University in China, working with Professor YaoTing Zhang, I received my master's degree in statistics at Wuhan University. I graduated with a PH.D. in Mathematics from Ohio State University; the dissertation I wrote under the advisory of Professor Peter March proves a conjecture regarding the reversibility of the Fleming-Viot Process.

I designed and developed a suite of software (BMIRT ToolKit) for multidimensional item response theory model, which includes parameter estimation, linking, and simulation, including Multidimensional Computer Adaptative Testing (MCAT). My primary research interest include psychometric methods, mathematics and statistical methods, and software development; I have expertise in MCMC, MIRT parameter estimation and linking. In 2008, I led the first BMIRT training session at NCME. BMIRTII (Yao, 2010), the second version of BMIRT, has more enhanced features such as computing test response function, higher-order IRT for domain scores and overall scores, overall scores by the maximum information method, classification accuracy and consistency, and MIRT for detecting DIF. SimuMCAT (Yao, 2011) contains five MCAT item selection procedures, each with varying features for item exposure control and content constraints.

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BMIRT (Yao, 2003), SimuMIRT (Yao, 2003), LinkMIRT (Yao, 2009), BMIRTII (Yao, 2010), SimuMCAT (Yao, 2011).

Below is a link to my book titled: Children of God: How a Christian Mother Raised Her Children For Ivy League Success.


Proverbs 9:10: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

All the glories go to my Lord Jesus.